Getting started with Journaling

There are so many ideas on the internet to help you get started. You can do a quick search for prompts and ideas. But there is no way you can skip the first step. Here are some ways to help you get started.

7 Benefits of Journaling

Benefits Of Journaling
A quick search on the internet on ‘The Benefits of Journaling” yields many results. Here I have taken a few, tweaked a little bit, combined them or broken them up, and written my commentary on each one. Note that as you read the following benefits, there may appear to be some overlap.

Journaling For The Soul

A Look At What Journaling Is And What It Means For Me
These two quotes sum up what journaling means to me. It is the telling of a story, my story….my story that lives and breathes in me. Unaltered.

5 Books on the Power of Habits

Habits invoke varied ideas and emotions in the mind and heart of the individual. A quick search on google yields a plethora of books, ideas, and quotes on habits. We understand the power of habits.

5 Ways To Build Deep, Meaningful Friendships

The world has become a lonely place. With billions of people populating the earth and with technology bridging many gaps, loneliness has to the surprise of many become a pandemic.

Ever Wanted To Read More?

In this advanced age of information technology where information and knowledge have become a commodity and made available just at the touch of our fingertips, one thing has not changed and will never change, that is time. We all still have the same 24 hours that our predecessors had from time immemorial. …